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People are, undoubtedly the best resources of an organization. Sourcing the best people from the industry has become the top most priority of Mayakorp Nigeria Ltd today. In such a competitive scenario, talent management has become the key strategy to identify and filling the skill gap in our company by recruiting the high-worth individuals from the industry. It is a never-ending process that starts from targeting people. The process regulates the entry and exit of talented people in an organization. To sustain and stay ahead in business, talent management cannot be ignored. In order to understand the concept better, let us discuss the stages included in talent management process:


Talent Management, as the name itself suggests is managing the ability, competency and power of employees within an organization. The concept is not restricted to recruiting the right candidate at the right time but it extends to exploring the hidden and unusual qualities of your employees and developing and nurturing them to get the desired results. Hiring the best talent from the industry may be a big concern for the organizations today but retaining them and most importantly, transitioning them according to the culture of the organization and getting the best out of them is a much bigger concern.


Scope of Services:

The scope of our service ranges from recruitment and staff management to provision of one-off advice on labor matters to those services often found in HR Functions in organizations, to providing more specialized support and expertise - such as organizational design & re-structuring, to customized projects.  . We provide:


•             HR consulting (staff assessments, staff outplacement, HR Trainings, job grading and organizational development)

•             Staff administration (staff leasing, payroll).


Delivery Methodology

We have proven 7 step methodologies that are guaranteed to deliver value.


1.  Understanding the Requirement: It is the preparatory stage and plays a crucial role in success of the whole process. The main objective is to determine the requirement of talent. The main activities of this stage are developing job description and job specifications.


2.   Sourcing the Talent: This is the second stage of talent management process that involves targeting the best talent of the industry. Searching for people according to the requirement is the main activity.


3.  Attracting the Talent: it is important to attract the talented people to work with you as the whole process revolves around this only. After all the main aim of talent management process is to hire the best people from the industry.


4.  Recruiting the Talent: The actual process of hiring starts from here. This is the stage when people are invited to join the organization.


5.  Selecting the Talent: This involves meeting with different people having same or different qualifications and skill sets as mentioned in job description. Candidates who qualify this round are invited to join the organization.

6. Training and Development: After recruiting the best people, we train and develop them to get the desired output.


7. Retention: Certainly, it is the sole purpose of talent management process. Hiring them does not serve the purpose completely for us. Retention depends on various factors such as pay package, job specification, challenges involved in a job, designation, personal development of an employee, recognition, culture and the fit between job and talent.




•   We believe in disciplined people, thoughts and actions.

•   We recognize our responsibility to influence the careers and lives through our insight, advice and solutions.

•   Strict Adherence to the code of professional ethics with an emphasis on honesty and integrity.

•   We ensure quality by leveraging tailor made processes for all functions.

•   As a partnership we value long term relationships with our clients.

•  We invest fully in training and development of our own people and in technology.


This distinctive value system continues to attract exceptional people to our company and we are resolved to continue touching pinnacle of professionalism in our work.

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