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Archiving is technology of  collecting computer files that have been packaged together for backup, to transport to some other location, for saving away from the computer so that more hard disk storage can be made available, or for some other purpose.


The most important assets for most organizations is the vast amount of data , much of which is not required daily or often enough but needs to be accessed reliably on an ad-hoc basis .

As file size and data use skyrockets , companies need to store and archive increasing amount of  data on high performance systems such as primary fibre channel disks and  this can an be prohibitively expensive  and that cost will increase with subtantial storage growth.Also fueling the need for corporations to archive documents,audits,reviews etc is the sarbane-oxley act.


Our Archiving solution enables you to reduce the cost of managing data and storing vast data repositories by providing a powerful, easily managed, cost-effective way to access, retain, and protect data over its entire lifecycle.

We partner with OEMs that provides this solution including







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