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Business Process Management (BPM) is a set of methods, tools and technologies used to design, enact, analyze and control operational business processes,Business process management is a process centric approach for improve performance by combines information technolgy with process and governance methodologies.BPM is a collaboration between business people and information technologists to foster effective, agile and transparent business processes.BPM spans people,systems and functions ,businesses and partners.


What are '' Operational Business Processes"?Or what is a "Process Centric Approach"? And since when do business and IT people collaborate?


BPM combines established and proven process management methods with the new enterprise class of softwares.It's enabled breakthroughs in speed and agility of how business organization improve business performance.


With BPM :


Business Managers can more directly measure and respond to and control all the aspects and element operational business processes


Business process management holds the key to competitive advantage among financial instituitions worldwide.IBM BPM Software enables fast and effective process improvement,by creating an agile organization that can:


Respond fast and with greater accuracy to customer demands and opportunities

Accelerate speed to market new products and services

Streamline new account and on-boarding

Enhance integrity and timeliness of customer information

Respond to changes in business operations,policies  and regulations rapidly

Meet compliance mandates through streamlines processes,audit trails and reportin




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