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Storage is frequently used to mean the devices and data connected to the computer through input/output operations - that is, hard disk and tape systems and other forms of storage that don't include computer memory and other in-computer storage.


Sooner or later your business however  how large or small will need more space for data storage.Information such as emails, documents, presentations, databases,spreadsheets, etc,  is the lifeblood of any company  and  the applications that run  and protect business require a lot of disk space . Each new version  of  software requires  more  disk space than than its predecessors.


The growing need to store large media files such as videos and make them available to users on the  network is generating demand for more sophisticated storage solutions. Storage is the basic building block technology to help sustain and support the exponential growth of data.Storing information and managing its storage is critical to a company's success.


One of the biggest benefits of online storage is the ability to access data from anywhere. As the number of devices the average person uses continues to grow, syncing or transferring data among devices has become more important. Not only does it help transfer data between devices, online data storage also provides the ability to share files among different users. This is particularly helpful for business users, although it's also popular with consumers who want to share photos, videos and similar materials with their friends and family.

Online data storage also offers distinct advantages for backup and disaster recovery situations because it's located off site. In a fire, flood, earthquake or similar situation, on-site backups could be damaged, but online backups won't be affected unless the disaster is very widespread.

However, online data storage does have some potential downsides. Some people worry about the security of cloud storage services, and some vendors have experienced significant outages from time to time, leading to concerns about reliability.


Our Storage technology offers a robust data storage platform that complements the high-throughput requirements, and delivers enterprise-class network-attached storage (NAS)  and SAN storage that deliver predictable performance for dynamic, multi-application workloads and provides linear, independent scalability of performance and capacity, with multiple storage tiers integrated within a single system.


The offer Storage solutions provide by OEMs we partner with,  including






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