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Switching,  Routing and Wireless devices  comprises the core of any network ionfrastructure today.

These devices carry your network communication to and from all destinations and sources.


Routers and Switches must deliver highly secure, scalable solution built on world class-leading features and cost effective designs . Whether equiping small organisations, a multi-sited organisation,datacenters Routers and Switches must offer flexibility, performance and security to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving network requirements affecting typical organisations today.


Mayakorp understands the importance of using quality data distribution equipment  and how to size the right equipment for your situation.Whether you need connectivity to a few devices at a small site or a more complex mesh of interconnected devices across sites with a high quality equpment.We want to help you obtain the best solution.Mayakorp leverages on our strong partnership with OEMs, the world leading brands and kings of  Networking Devices, to deliver world class solutions to meet your needs at a cost effective price.

The OEMs we partner with, who, provides best in networking include




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