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Among the leading business challenges confronting CIOs and IT managers are cost effective utilization of IT infrastructure.Responsiveness in supporting new business initiative and flexibility in adapting to organisational changes .Driving an additional sense of urgency is the continued climate for IT budget constraints and more stringent regulatory requirements .Virtualisation is a fundamental technological innovatiion  that allow skilled IT managers to deploy creative solutions to such business challenges.Virtualisation technology is possibly the single most important issue in IT,and has started the complete overhaul of the computing industry.The growing awareness of the advantage provided by virtualisation technology is brought about by economic factors of scarce resources, government regulation  and more competition.


Virtualisation is been used by a growing number of organisation to reduce power consumption  and air air conditioning  needs, and trim the building space and land requirements that have always been associated with server farm growth . Virtualisation also provide high availability for critical application and streamline application deployment and migration.It can also simplify  IT operations  and allow organisations to respond faster to changing business needs.


Mayakorp leverages on its partnership with leading virtualisation solution nproviders with decades of  experience with virtualisation  and cloud infrastructures to deliver solutions that enable organisations to cut cost,increase business agility and ensures freedom of choice.Our solution allows enterprises to accelerate their transition to the clouds and axopt a more efficient  and agile service delivery model.

The OEMs we partner with ,who, provides this solution include











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