Risk Management

At Mayakorp we offer solutions and consultancy around Credit, Operational, Market and Enterprise risk. We ensure Governance and Compliance across board by putting in place enhanced risk strategy achieve the following;

• Improved alignment to the objectives and strategy of the business
• Improved visibility of the risk that matter most to the organization.
• Proactive identification of risk.
• Enhanced decision making.

We also put in place improved controls and processes to achieve the following;
• Better aligned risk coverage, Including the identification of stronger, more pervasive controls
• Reduced level of effort associated with performing and testing controls.
• Increased control and process efficiencies enabled through automation and continuous monitoring.
• Increased control mix that addresses key business risks while driving process efficiencies.
• Reduced cost of control.

We also optimize risk management functions by;
• Elimination of duplicate fragmented risk management activities.
• Increase integration and coordination among business, IT and compliance.
• Sustainability to risk management process.
• Effective top-down and bottom-up reporting. .